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Dr. Sanjay Gandhi- What to look for in a Shoe Jan 20th, 2020


Tom Hanks, on Type 2 Diabetes and Your Feet Jan 17th, 2020

Earlier this past year, Mega Star, Tom Hanks shared on Late Night with David Letterman, that he has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Hanks is now part of the 8.3% of the American population diagnosed with the disease.  Type 2 Diabetes is not an issue of the body attacking...

How Turf Toe Keeps You Out of the Game Sep 8th, 2018

As the summer winds down and gets closer to the start of school, football coaches everywhere are gearing up for their season and expecting their players to get back into playing shape. Naturally, this means conditioning, running, lifting weights, and going over playbooks to get into the swing of things. Jumping...

7 Ways to Keep your Feet Healthy for Better Mobility Aug 2nd, 2018

A stronger base makes a stronger building. Similarly, for humans, strong feet make you feel active and fit. Although our all-day activities like walking, standing and running require our feet, they are often neglected by us when it comes down to taking care of our body. The probable reason is...