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Children’s Foot Care: Podiatrist Manalapan, New Jersey

When you are a parent, your children become your world. You only want the best for them and do what you can to keep them from harm and pain. Our staff also wants to ensure that your children are not suffering with pain that accompanies various foot conditions. We are here as a children’s foot doctor in Manalapan, New Jersey. We are also here to help you know that your children’s feet are developing in a normal manner.

As with most medical fields, there are certain foot and ankle issues and topics that are more common than others. Following are some we see often.

Flat Feet

When you notice that your toddler has flat feet, it is common to become concerned and wonder if he or she will ever be able to walk normally. There is no need to worry! Foot arches do not start to really take shape until a child is around 3 years old. As your child becomes older, however, flat feet may lead to problems.

Low arches can be responsible for plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, and other issues. Early treatment can be taken to prevent serious conditions from developing. Orthotics—custom-fabricated inserts—are an effective, conservative treatment option.

Heel Pain

Some children may not verbally complain about heel pain, but this is a common condition that your son or daughter may experience. If your child is not vocal about it, pay attention if he or she suddenly starts withdrawing from physical activities that used to be a source of enjoyment. If you notice that your son or daughter is limping, walking on his or her toes, or struggling while playing, make an appointment with our office and we can provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

In-toeing or Out-toeing

When your child’s toes turn either inwards or outwards, you may become concerned. As with flat feet, this is likely a temporary condition that your child will outgrow. There are a couple of common explanations behind it, but it is best to bring your son or daughter in for an examination so we can rule out any serious conditions. Prior to the appointment, be sure to record as much information as possible about when the condition first started becoming evident and if there are any noticeable symptoms.

Sever’s Disease

This condition is a classic “growing pain.” When your son or daughter is active and develops heel pain, it might be Sever’s disease. It is one of the most common injuries that we see in children’s feet and it is caused by irritation in one of the growth plates in the heel bone. In time, the condition will often resolve itself, but we can provide treatment to alleviate the pain in the meantime.

Ingrown Toenails

There are two primary causes of ingrown nails: tight shoes and improper nail clipping techniques. We often see this condition for children who have shoes that are too small, especially for those who participate in sports. When shoes pinch and constrict their toes, it becomes difficult for nails to grow in the correct fashion.

With regard to trimming nails, ingrown toenails become more likely when the nails are rounded off, instead of being cut in a straight line. They also need to be even with the edge of the toe. Nails that are too short are more apt to become ingrown. Regardless how the condition develops, it can be an uncomfortable, painful experience for your child. If you need help, contact our office and make an appointment.

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