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Pediatrics FAQS


Is intoeing in children normal?

Intoeing is not necessarily “normal,” but it is also not particularly uncommon or a serious cause for concern. If you are a parent and have noticed that your child is walking in a pigeon-toed fashion, you will be relieved to learn that the condition will likely disappear in time without treatment. As a matter of fact, treatment options for intoeing are often not that effective in improving the condition any sooner.

The fact that there are three different root causes for intoeing in children contributes to the frequency with which we see the condition. Metatarsus adductus is curved feet, tibia torsion is a twisted shin bone, and femoral anteversion is a twisted thighbone. All of these have a tendency to correct themselves in time and do not usually result in any long-term issues.

If you are concerned about your child’s intoeing, though, we will gladly take a look and help put your worries to rest. A Step Up Podiatry, LLC provides first-class child foot care services for patients from across the greater Manalapan, NJ community, so give us a call at (732) 446-7136 for more information. You can also schedule an appointment with us online today.

When should my child see a podiatrist?

Knowing when to bring your child to our office to see Dr. Gandhi is important to parents. As a rule of thumb, any foot or ankle pain is not normal and should be diagnosed and treated, and this extends to children who are experiencing issues. Fortunately, many of the treatments used in pediatric foot care are conservative in nature and your child will not likely require a surgical procedure.

Parents, especially new ones, are sometimes concerned when they observe flatfoot conditions in their children. In many cases, there is no need to worry about this. Foot arches are not observable until around three years of age and, further, do not fully develop until around the age of eight. When flat feet cause pain, though, you should bring your child in for evaluation.

In those situations when your son or daughter requires professional foot care or treatment, make sure to call A Step Up Podiatry early on. Most foot and ankle conditions are handled relatively easily in beginning stages, but can evolve into bigger problems if left untreated. Contact our Manalapan, NJ office through our online form or call (732) 446-7136 to schedule an appointment today.

Is it safe for children to wear used shoes?

We certainly understand wanting to save money by having a child wear a pair of hand-me-down shoes, but we advise against this practice. There are various reasons it might not be safe to wear used shoes, including the fact that human feet are uniquely structured.

There is a general foot structure that can be considered normal, but within that general structure there is a tremendous amount of variance. Shoes become molded over time to the feet that wear them, which means used shoes do not fit “new” feet the way they should. Many foot and ankle problems are caused by shoes that do not fit properly, so it is best to avoid this situation.

That said, if a child borrows a pair of shoes for a special occasion, it will not likely lead to any long-term issues.

There are some very basic, but also very important, things to look for in the structure of a shoe. Also, don’t believe in the myth that more expensive shoes are better for your feet. Some simple tests on the shoes before you buy them can prevent damage to your feet, and damage to your wallet.

If you have questions regarding children’s shoes, feet, or ankles, our team here at A Step Up Podiatry, LLC, is ready to help. In addition to first-class podiatric services for your entire family, we also provide information about feet and foot-related issues. Give us a call at (732) 446-7136 or schedule an appointment with our Manalapan, NJ office through our online form today.

What could be causing my child’s heel pain?

There are various potential causes of a child’s heel pain, but one of the most common is Sever’s disease. This condition is the epitome of a “growing pain,” as it stems from the growth plate in the back of the heel. Also known as the physis, this plate is a weak area that can become inflamed due to repetitive stress. For this reason, the condition is commonly observed in children who are active, particularly in sports like soccer basketball, tennis, football, and track.

Treatment for Sever’s disease is conservative in nature and centers upon resting the area and avoiding harsh pressure. In time, the heel will fully develop and not lead to long-term issues.

If your child is experiencing pain in the heel, bring him or her in for an appointment with our office and we will provide care to relieve any painful symptoms. Remember, A Step Up Podiatry, LLC is here for your whole family and offer an array of podiatric services for your health. Contact us today by calling our Manalapan, NJ office at (732) 446-7136 and scheduling your appointment.



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