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Toenail Fungus Specialist

A Step Up Podiatry, LLC

Ankle and Foot Surgeon located in Manalapan, NJ

If your nail looks thick, crumbly, ragged, or discolored, you likely have toenail fungus. This common problem affects up to 12% of all Americans, and it can be a difficult problem to fight on your own. That’s why you need a podiatry specialist like Sanjay Gandhi, DPM, the founder and podiatrist at A Step Up Podiatry, LLC. Dr. Gandhi uses a range of customized approaches to eliminate toenail fungus and give you clear, healthy nails again. Use the online appointment scheduler, or call the practice in Manalapan Township, New Jersey, to book your visit now.

Toenail Fungus Q & A

How does toenail fungus affect my nail?

Toenail fungus causes a number of changes in your nails, including:

  • Discoloration, including darkening or yellowing
  • Thickening, possibly with ridges
  • Brittleness, like crumbling, flaking or ragged edges
  • Odor coming from under the nail

All of these things may combine to cause nail breakdown, which sometimes leads to the affected nail lifting up from your nail bed. Sometimes, when your fungal toenail grows distorted it can also grow into the bordering skin, causing an ingrown toenail. 

How did I get toenail fungus?

Fungus inhabits warm and damp environments, which include areas like locker rooms, saunas, and pools. Because it transfers with any contact, it’s important to wear shoes in these types of high-risk areas. 

If you have a chronic illness affecting your immune or circulatory system, you’re more susceptible to nail fungus. Heavy perspiration and wearing damp socks can also increase your risk.

How is toenail fungus treated?

It’s important to treat toenail fungus as soon as you notice changes in your nail. When toenail fungus isn’t treated, it generally worsens quickly. Dr. Gandhi, the A Step Up Podiatry, LLC, podiatrist, uses a variety of targeted treatments to eliminate toenail fungus. Typically, Dr. Gandhi starts by performing a full exam and diagnostic tests to identify the fungus. This helps him customize your care.

Topical treatments

Sometimes, antifungal ointments, creams, sprays, or nail lacquers are effective for fungal nails. But, unfortunately topical products don’t generally move through the keratin (the material nails are made of) to target the fungus itself. 

Oral medication

Oral antifungal drugs are quite effective at targeting the fungal infection from within your body. They can take up to a couple of months to work and may cause side effects like upset stomach, diarrhea, and headache.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment bypasses keratin to get directly into the fungus. The laser light vaporizes the fungus effectively, but doesn’t damage your healthy tissue.

Toenail removal

If you have severe toenail fungus, you might need toenail removal for maximum benefit. Dr. Gandhi performs this procedure on-site at A Step Up Podiatry, LLC using local anesthesia to numb your toe. With the keratin eliminated, Dr. Gandhi can remove the fungus and treat the skin to prevent its return. 

Dr. Gandhi personalizes your treatment to give you lasting freedom from toenail fungus. 

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