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COVID Toes?...Seriously???

As the world continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, new symptoms of the virus emerge. One such symptom, purple or red lesion on the toes (or hands), has been dubbed "COVID toes". As more information proves COVID-19 to be a disease process involving clotting problems in various parts of the body, small clots develop in the toes. This leads to discoloration and/or even a rash that can worsen to a loss of blood supply for those already at risk, such as people with vascular disease, smokers, diabetics, etc. Couple this clotting issue with any one of these diseases, or even colder weather in the fall, and we could see frostbite and gangrene cases rise!

Should you notice discoloration, rash, pain, or any other symptoms similar to these, contact our office for a baseline vascular checkup to see if further testing is needed.

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi

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